Rebecca Ward
Rebecca Ward

How to break all the rules in your student accommodation

Rules are meant to be broken

A collection of the best tweets from the infamous Liverpool library account

@LivUniLibrary we love u

Better music and cheap drinks: Why getting drunk at home is better than a night out in Level

A bottle of wine costs less than entry, it’s simple economics

Giant African Land Snails are the ultimate pet to have at uni


Let’s face it: there’s nothing cute about winter in Liverpool

When there’s no snow, tacky Christmas lights just don’t comfort you on your way to a lecture in the wind and rain

Rooms with a view: sights from Liverpool’s bedroom windows

What an adorable brick wall

Stop saying it’s shit, Halloween is the best holiday of the year

Carve your jack o’lanterns, get out your fake blood and dust off that creative “sexy cat” costume cos it’s about to get sp00ky m8

Forget BScs vs. BAs – Combined Honours is the hardest degree

If you think one is difficult, try two