Cheap Halloween outfits you can buy in Liverpool

Basic is always best

Why be stressed when you can be well dressed?

Halloween is looming around the corner and once again you’ve forgotten all the sick costume ideas you had over the last year. So, you’ve ended up having to head into Liverpool One to find yourself a super-original costume to rock up to Waxxx, Concert Square or your mate’s house party.

Don’t make it more difficult for yourself than it needs to be.  Chances are you’ll be off your face on vodka doubles and won’t remember the night anyway.

Here are a few bits and bobs you can use to complete the spellbinding look.

Cat ears – Topshop

Not only cat ears but also made of tinsel, therefore doubling as an accessory to rock over the festive period.  Frankly, a solid investment.

Wear with a black skater dress and thigh high boots, if you’re feeling super into it draw yourself some eyeliner whiskers.

Rabbit ears – Topshop

Perfect for the corpse bride-rabbit hybrid costume you’ve been dreaming up since accidentally blurring all of Tim Burton’s films in to one.

Finish the look off with a lace bodycon dress, and killer heels.  Channel your inner Lady Gaga.

Devil horns – Topshop

The devil is a real classic, if you can get your hands on a tail and pitchfork you’ll be set for the night.

Style it up with black high waisted skinny jeans, a red roll neck and red shoes.  Slick back your hair and get your eyeliner on fleek.

Sparkly cat mask – H&M

The perfect head band alternative. You don’t have to bother doing your make -up but you counter it with big, bouncy hair and statement lipstick.

Match it with an all black outfit and equally glittery gold shoes.

Leopard ears and tail – H&M

For when you’re bored of going as a normal cat – it’s time to go big cat.

Styling this really depends on how committed to the costume you are. The easiest option is to dress for a standard night out, and attach the tail and ears. Or, for those more keen, rock a bodysuit and go full leopard.

Facial tattoos – Topshop

Spider woman of course.  These could look amazing with a monochrome outfit and super smokey eyes.  Imagine meeting the eyes of your very own spiderman across the dance floor.  A match made in Marvel.

Skeleton dress – Topshop

If the accessories aren’t cutting it for you then go all out in Topshop’s skeleton dress.  You can even get matching tights. Team with white heels if you’re feeling glam, or white flats if you’re looking for comfort.

What’s your excuse now?  Go back to basics and spend your halloween feeling like the original queens of basic Regina, Gretchen and Karen.