Boss new weekly 90s club night launches this Friday

It’s called Rewind

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Launching 25th September, every Friday REWIND will be going on a trip through the greatest musical decade of them all – the 90’s.

Its at new club Omnia,  located in the old warehouse building that used to be home to Envi and the snooker club.

With a massive 1500 capacity and the same lighting rig as the one Amnesia, Ibiza,  the first one in the UK, this new night is set to be huge.

New club Omnia

There are two rooms with multiple bars and dance floors.

Adam Stevenson, from Cool It! Events, told The Tab: “The old warehouse building has been revamped to form one big state of the art clubbing space.

“The main room will showcase the best retro 90s house, 90s hip hop and iconic pop, with the second room playing current house music.”

The same lighting rig as Amnesia!

You can expect 90’s prices too, with guest list entry from just £2, double vodka mixers £2, £1 bottles, sambuca and tequila shots, and 4 Jagerbombs for £5.

Sticking to the 90s theme, retro sweets and drinks will be on offer as well as merchandise giveaways.

Second year Communications Student Ellie is looking forward to the launch, she said: “After how good the Waxxx 90s nights were, it’s sweet that there will be a new weekly 90’s night in the city.”

At the much loved Waxxx 90’s night