There’s a huge blaze at block of flats near Carnatic

One person is in hospital

fire sefton fire

Firefighters are still tackling a huge fire at a block of flats in Sefton.

12 fire engines were called to the flats, near Carnatic and Greenbank, after the blaze broke out earlier this evening.

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service were called at 5.49pm to Sydenham House in Croxteth Drive.

One person is in hospital but their injuries have not been reported as serious.

At 8pm, firefighters were still at the scene and residents have been evacuated from the tower block.

The top floor was ablaze this afternoon

First year Pharmacology Student Chris Francis told The Tab: “Myself and Tom Bratton drove past the Penthouse block of apartments yesterday in the early evening.

“The flats were completely in flames. We got out to investigate and lots of people were crowded round.

“Luckily the fire services were extremely quick to the scene and managed to stop the fire spreading to other floors.”

12 fire engines were called to the scene

It is still unknown what caused the fire but the main body of the fire is out.

Some fire engines have left but there are still many emergency service vehicles at the scene.