The mouldy cheesecake of Carnatic

Mary Berry would not approve of this soggy bottom

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Carnatic isn’t a Michelin star restaurant, but what you’re about to see will defy even the lowest expectations of the grub they serve.

A hungry fresher had his life turned upside down when he was about to polish off a mixed berry cheesecake, but realised it was mouldy.

Brendon Chesterfield was celebrating the end of exams in Carnatic dining hall when he found the sizeable spot of mould.

But the Whitley Bay chap only thought to inspect his dessert after he remembered someone else was served the off cheesecake back in November.

The astounded Chemist said it “absolutely ruined” his dinner, and has avoided their puddings ever since.

Exhibit A on January 29

He told The Tab: “It was the last week of exams, and I’d finished mine the previous day, so it’s fair to say I was pretty ropey anyway when I went for me tea on the Thursday.

“I didn’t really think anything of inspecting the cake, until I remembered someone else had posted a picture of their mouldy cheesecake back in November.

“So I decided to check mine out just to be on the safe side, and remembering they had served cheesecake the night before, I thought better safe than sorry.”

The November case, yummy

He added: “It absolutely ruined my tea, and I’ve opted not to go for any of their cake like desserts ever since.”

We showed Carnatic the picture of the offending dessert but they are yet to respond.

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