Languages department puts racist dictionary on its reading list

It translates ‘paki bashing’ and ‘nigger’

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A bilingual dictionary which translates racist and homophobic slurs has featured on the Languages department recommended reading list.

Horrific slogans like “paki bashing” were discovered by second year Hispanics student Abby as she revised for her January exams.

The dictionary also translates “nigger” and “queer bashing”.

The Collins Spanish to English dictionary can be purchased from Blackwell’s on campus as it is on the department’s reading list.

Collins, who describe their content as “world class”, published the dictionary in an alarmingly recent 2010.

The dictionary has 12 contributors, who are a mix of Brits and Spaniards.

Second year Robi Quigley-Bhattacharya said: “I was appalled and deeply hurt by what I found.

“I just can’t believe they’d have said something that offensive and upsetting in a modern dictionary.”