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Liverpool Green candidate wants to scrap all tuition fees and unpaid internships

That would be great, thanks

You have no excuse for not being a vegan

You’re not eco-friendly because you voted Green once

Languages department puts racist dictionary on its reading list

It translates ‘paki bashing’ and ‘nigger’

Hero finalist raises £47,000 for the homeless…and the money’s still coming in

What have you done?

The average student thinks they’ll have to apply for 24 jobs before reaching employment

This will not motivate you

I left my job as a lecturer to become a saucy boudoir photographer

Quiet at the back

A practical guide to looking fabulous for a fraction of the price

Charity shops are so cool right now

The evolution of the student

Newsflash: third year screws you over

Plans to shut down the Kazimier

Our favourite venue now has one foot in the rave

Lecturers boycott marking following drastic pension cuts

Blameless students are caught in the middle of the pensions row

No pay no spray: Battered second-year kicked out of Camel after stealing perfume from toilet attendant

And no lay either

AU moves to the Guild, still as messy as ever

You were out in force last night

An ode to Carnatic

It’s a shithole, but we love it