The Guild is going to lobby politicians for you

If you care

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There’s a hugely significant General Election just around the corner and the Guild doesn’t want any of you to go unheard.

Like other Student Unions across the country, our representatives are due to lobby vote-hungry local candidates very soon – and aim to do so with five key policies in mind.

At the moment the Guild has a list of 20 policies they’d like to address, but using your feedback and your feedback only, they are going to trim it down to the five most important issues to you.

Give them your opinions

Research conducted by The Tab recently revealed a huge number of us just don’t care enough about the election to even have an opinion on it.

The Guild are working hard to make sure this trend isn’t replicated on campus and strongly encourage you to complete the very simple survey in order to push the issues you care about into the spotlight.

We need some more of this

Guild Vice-President Alex Ferguson said: “We want to accurately reflect what students want from the government, on a local and national level.

“This general conversation that students don’t care needs to be challenged, we need to show we actually do care and it is things like the inaccessibility of voter registration that led to low student turnout in elections.

“The run up to the General Election is a great chance to get some real change.”