Eighty year old Eric graduates from Liverpool Uni with a masters of law

The former copper got bored of retirement

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Most people can’t wait to give up the day-job and indulge in the wonders of retirement – Eric Jones didn’t see what all the hype is about.

At the age of 80, the ex-copper picked up a masters of law degree at the University of Liverpool’s graduation ceremony at the Met Cathedral earlier this week.

At what he described as an “emotionally-charged” occasion, Eric received the degree from Vice Chancellor Sir Howard Newby.

Sir Howard Newby pictured above

After retiring from a long career of ridding Mancunian streets of wrong-doers on behalf of the Greater Manchester Police, Eric eventually grew bored and sought a new challenge in applying for the University’s LLM.

Lacking undergraduate qualifications, the retired rozzer didn’t believe he would be accepted onto the course, however this didn’t stop him.

Eric said: “I was asked if I would be prepared to do a 5,000-word dissertation.

“So I picked up on the Justice and Security Bill that was making its way through the House of Commons. A few weeks later I was contacted with an unconditional offer.”

He’s also adorable

Surprisingly Eric isn’t the oldest ever person to graduate.

Aussie Allan Stewart bagged a law degree at the age of 91, only to go and break his own record in 2012 by completing a masters aged 97… the beast.