‘I see an old Victorian woman standing at the end of my bed’: Tales of the Toxteth cemetery house

You know the one we mean

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The old Victorian ghost, the squirrel infestation, drunken tramps and the mysterious safe are just a few of the scary happenings that go down at this haunted house.

Initially attracted to the spooky nine bed cemetery house because of its “massive bedrooms” and perfect party layout, the second year students now can’t wait to leave.

When viewing the house a year ago, the landlord explained the tall, black, coffin-sized safe in the front room was impossible to open.

The housemates said: “It’s welded to the floor, so it’s impossible to open.

“The handle has been ripped off too.

“Sometimes, we joke about their being a corpse hidden in there.”

Brave housemate Alyssa was the first to move in, and she had a whole week alone.

She told The Tab: “I was the first one to move in and was here on my own for a week.

“It was the worst experience of my life.

“I kept hearing this really strange creaky noise that sounded like a door opening or a cat or something.

“I walked into the bathroom to see what was going on and the light rapidly starting switching itself on and off, I was so mortified.

“That same night, I was woken up at two in the morning by my clock rapidly ticking, even though there was no battery in it.

“I swear this house is haunted, never again.”

The view leading up to the house

Things got a lot creepier when India moved in. The second year Bio Med student told The Tab: “I wake up in the middle of the night and genuinely, on my life, there is someone at the end of my bed.

“She’s an old Victorian woman and she has her hair in a bun.

“I try not to look at her, I don’t ever want to look at her. When I turn the telly on she goes away.”

Artist’s impression

India can’t take anymore

She added: “In the first month of living here, the hot water taps used to switch themselves on at night.

“Not even like a dribble, they were on full blast when no one had touched them.

“Sometimes we’d come back from a night out to find it on full power. It’s like, what the fuck?”

Ffion, a History student, was surprisingly calm when she told The Tab about some more of the house’s unexpected visitors.

She said: “The walls in our rooms are really hollow, so it’s normal to hear squirrels scratching and running up and down the walls.

“You hear it all day most days. We keep the window closed in fear of them coming in.

“Until you see random grievers walking passed the window, you forget you’re on a cemetery.

“The worst is when the drunk tramps slam really hard against our windows while we’re eating.”

It’s believed the house used to be a Funeral Directors

Peeping Tom

Alyssa then told us the downside of living on the ground floor: “People try and break in all the time because they think it’s a laugh.

“One night, this little kid climbed through by bedroom window on the ground floor and we literally had to push his head back out.”

But there are perks to living in a cemetery.

The added: “It’s funny ordering a cab.

“We just have to say ‘Toxteth cemetery gates please’ and we always get funny reactions from cab drivers.”

Unexpected visit

They’d advise anyone thinking about moving into the house to avoid it.

They said: “Don’t. We’ve only been here a couple of months and all this has happened.

“It is weird. It is very weird. But we just see it as our big student house.”

The ‘ol gang