A vigil for Ashling Murphy is being held in Lincoln today

‘It’s not about how women can protect themselves, we are tired of that conversation’

A vigil for murdered teacher Ashling Murphy is taking place today on Lincoln’s High Street at 3:55 pm.

The 23-year-old primary school teacher was murdered whilst jogging in County Offaly in the Republic of Ireland last week.

Organisers of the vigil said: “We are here to honour and remember those who have been victims of gender-based violence. We have chosen this day and time as it will be approximately one week after the murder of Ashling Murphy, a woman murdered in Ireland.”

Ashling’s death has sparked the hashtag #SheWasJustGoingForARun on social media, in Ireland and across the world.

The organiser of the event Melanie explained the importance of holding the vigil. “There are so many victims of this violence, we hear about the few high profile cases, so it is important to not only honour the victims but to keep the issues in the public’s consciousness”.

She continued to say, “Everybody has a responsibility. Universities, colleges and workplaces should be offering education and training, such as bystander training. Even young children should be taught how to respect boundaries and about consent.

“The other important thing is being listened to. Don’t tell us we are imagining it or shrug it off when we share our experiences. Hear us so we can all move forward together. We need allyship. So listen to us, really listen. Then stand alongside us and support us. It is not about how women can protect themselves, we are tired of that conversation. It is about education, training and stepping up.”

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