Plan a night out in Lincoln and we’ll tell you which supermarket caterpillar cake you are


We Brits love nothing more than a good caterpillar-shaped cake. So much in fact that it’s enough for big-name supermarkets to start a court battle over.

In the last week, it was announced that supermarket titans Mark’s and Spencer’s and Aldi were waging war as Aldi announced the return of their popular Cuthbert the caterpillar cake.

Following this news, M&S accused the company of stealing their very similar caterpillar cake design – known to us all as Colin.

We’re not too sure when or why they became so popular, but insect shaped cakes are everywhere. It’s not just Cuthbert M&S should be worried about either. Over on Twitter, Aldi’s social media team have been working overtime:

And that got us thinking – what kind of caterpillar do you think you would be? And, naturally, the only way for us to determine this is through a quiz in which you detail your typical night out in Lincoln. To be completely clear, it does not get any more accurate than this:

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