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Love Island Gossip Column: We found pictures proving Megan knew Alexandra from before and Idris is a father!?

Wait what

Welcome back to The Tab's daily Love Island gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web today.

Alexandra and Megan seem to already know each other from before the villa ?

Alexandra may have said she was nervous to meet the Love Island cast, but she didn't reveal she already knew Megan from the outside. Someone found a picture of them both on the internet. The Sun has also unearthed a picture of them both in a selfie at a festival from last year.

Love Island bosses refuse to show THAT kiss to Laura

There has been a national campaign for Love Island producers to show Laura the kiss that took place between Georgia and new Jack. And now that Idris has told Laura that Jack leant in for the kiss, people really want her to see the video.

But a show insider told The Sun Online: "Love Island bosses currently have no plans to show the footage to the islanders. They haven't stopped newcomers from saying how they saw it though which is already causing plenty of drama."

Frankie's Instagram dedicated posts to Samira just won't stop

Well Frankie won't have to wait any longer, seeing as Samira has LEFT the villa to reunite with him.

Samira's secret fights with Georgia could have also pushed her to leave the show

Mirror Online revealed that Samira has run out of patience with "catty" Georgia which may have influenced her decision to leave. A source close to the show revealed that producers have decided not to air a lot of fighting between Georgia and Samira. The stress of the constant arguments and snide remarks may have got too much for Samira.

Someone is claiming Idris is the father of her daughter

A woman named Fay Louise Knott has made claims on Facebook that Idris is the father of her daughter. She said: "OMG so the guy I dated (Idris) is Love Island’s new islander and he claims to be 2/5 snake but wouldn’t even do a DNA for her to confirm anything. OMG I’m angry but this is actually hilarious.”

She added: “I might go on Love Island this year to get that DNA of Idris for my daughter." It's been an eventful few days for Idris.

Idris calls himself a pro boxer but he's only ever competed in two fights

According to The Sun, he's only ever fought opponents who have 71 defeats between them. I don't know what that means but it doesn't sound like he's that good. Looks like he won't be going to the Olympics any time soon then.

Love Island will be running for the next FIVE YEARS

The show has been breaking viewing records for three years running, so it has now been reported that Love Island will remain on our screens for at least another five years. Caroline Flack has told the Daily Star: "It is a show that will evolve and live and breathe. My hope is that it is going to be on telly for the next five years. So who knows where it will go."

Adam is going to make £305,000 from all his club appearances

Love Island was just the first step to making Adam Collard a household name. He's now going on a 61 day tour around the country starting tomorrow night. And The Sun thinks he's set to earn £305,000 from it all.

Eyal threw shade at Megan for wearing his hoodie to the hideout with Wes

The fact Megan wore Eyal's hoodie on her first night alone with Wes hasn't gone unnoticed by fans and it certainly hasn't gone unnoticed by Eyal. He posted this on his Instagram story last night, captioning: "So someone sent me this and I just couldn't resists but repost loool."

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