We asked the students of Leeds how they celebrate their birthdays

We all love feral birthday vibes tbh

We all love a birthday at uni – the chaotic vibes in your house, your home friends coming to stay, and most importantly – everybody feeding you shots until you’re sick. For some, a day where the spotlight’s on you is mortifying, for others it’s a chance to attention seek with a heartfelt karaoke sesh at RPP. From the bottomless brunch princesses that cry every year, to the guys that end up with a four day hangover, I can guarantee you that everybody’s choice of birthday celebration is on this list.

“The Feral One”

“I like getting all my mates together and being absolutely unhinged the whole day and night”

Is your birthday always the biggest party of the year? Obviously.

Packing the day with wild exploits is the only way to achieve a chaotically feral birthday – this is your time to go crazy, and it’s justified. Feral birthdays thrive at university. I’m talking bottomless brunch, followed by a scatty event at Wire, followed by afters in some basement in Hyde Park. I particularly admire the determination of feral birthday-ers to get as pissed as possible. They’ll be crashing through Walkabout and staggering to Maccies as the sun rises. They will tell every stranger it’s their birthday, collecting free drinks like their life depends on it – honestly, I admire them for it.

“The Hungover One”

“I take the saying ‘birthday week’ quite literally and just always have my head in the toilet tbh”

Similar to the feral revellers, you’ve had a wild night at Mischief and your body is now an equal ratio of blood to alcohol, but this was the night before your birthday, and now you’re starting your new number with your head in the toilet. Armed with a bottle of water, paracetamol, Netflix and a Pitza Cano, the Hungover birthday is acknowledged through squinted eyes and a vow to never drink again (which you’ll break the next day, on your actual birthday).

Just leave me here to cry x

 “The Classy One”

“I like getting dressed and going out for some nice food followed by cocktails at Banyan or somewhere similar”

Your birthday plans are simple, fun, and perfectly executed. Whether you opt for a casual brunch at Mrs Atha’s, or a bottomless at Turtle Bay, you’re all about the aesthetic – having the friends around you is just an added bonus, duh. A classy birthday usually involves an hour in front of the mirror trying to look the best you’ve ever been. Your Instagram will be glowing by time the clock strikes midnight, consisting of selfies, group pics, food, and boomerangs of overpriced drinks. obviously.

“The Homerunner”

“I spend it at home with family. My parents go all out for it”

Away from home, you quickly forget the habits of irritating siblings and nagging parents, and suddenly they’re the only people you want to celebrate with. Whatever your family looks like, it can call you home for your birthday, and missing a few seminars for the comfort of your mum’s homemade cake seems like a good deal. Homerunners will battle with public transport, navigating train strikes and replacement buses, just for the blissful reunion with the family dog and most importantly, the cupboards being stocked with M&S finest – cheers, Mum.

Just came home for the dog tbf

“The Otley Runner”

“Always an Otley Run even though my birthday is November, but it proves who isn’t afraid of a bit of hypothermia”

A very different journey to the Homerunner, the Otley Run is a Leeds speciality, and a perfect way to spend your birthday. With countless themes to choose from, there’s something for everyone. From the Wild West to British Icons, I’ve witnessed groups in sun and rain trek the miles from Woodies to Dry Dock. The opportunities for tipsy takeaways are flawless as you pass KFC, Crispy’s, Flames and more. Stuffing your face while on the move is just part of the fun  don’t believe them when they say ‘eating is cheating’ – it’s bullshit. A birthday full of booze and fast food, what’s not to love?

Before it all goes downhill

“The Undercover One”

“Hate making a fuss of my birthday because I don’t like the attention being on me when people sing happy birthday and stuff – it gives me the ick”

Lastly we have the inconspicuous secret agent. They will tell nobody. Their age? A mystery. For all we know they’re an immortal vampire just fucking around at uni for the sake of it. The Undercover will go to great lengths to keep this day like any other, they’ll attend their usual lectures (even 9ams!), and they’ll not even consider birthday cake, or tell any of their mates until weeks after the date. A quick tip to spot an Undercover is that they’ll start getting post – not just bank statements and those pestering TV licence letters, but actual cards…

To all The Undercovers out there, Happy Birthday (whenever it is, lol).

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