Meet the Leeds Students who set up Chunk Cookies

The perfect diss season snack

You’ve got the munchies, or maybe you have just had a bad day, whilst there are many remedies, I have found my new cure to life’s every ailment: Chunk Cookies.

Chunk Cookies surpass any trip to Sainsbury’s or any overpriced Deliveroo order. This small lockdown-born buisness has quickly become a favourite amongst the students of Leeds. Founders and “cookie-makers”, Amy and Diego started the business in Amy’s mum’s kitchen, but never predicted that their cookies would become a staple in the kitchens of Hyde Park.

Their cookies are vegan, sustainably made and unbelievably delicious. They sell out sometimes within 15 minutes and can be bought on their online website. The Tab Leeds spoke to Amy and Diego to find out more.

They began their cookie journey in the midst of Lockdown

During lockdown, whilst you were sitting around doing nish, Amy and Diego were out making moves. They crafted the perfect vegan cookie that not only tasted better than any lockdown banana bread, but arguably tastes better than a non-vegan cookie too. As Amy put it, “We’re not bakers, we’re cookie makers”. And believe me, cookie makers they are. Their cookies are unreal.

Amongst the best-selling flavours is their S’mores cookie, which is Diego’s favourite, and their Bueno cookie, which is Amy’s favourite. They even have the sweet-salty cookie that you never knew you needed, Salted Caramel Pretzel. Chunk Cookies actually left me wondering why I ever settled for any other mediocre supermarket cookie.

Chunk Cookies are super sustainable

From the recyclable packaging to Diego hand-delivering your cookies on a push-bike, Chunk Cookies define what it means to be sustainable in Leeds. Amy, an environmental business student, is constantly thinking of new ways to make Chunk both sustainable and ethical. Whilst you might feel guilty for eating seven cookies in one sitting, you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that everything except the sticker is recyclable. They even sell their leftover cookie dough in cookie dough jars.


The people behind Chunk Cookies

Aside from delicious cookies, the masterminds behind Chunk are equally amazing. They pride themselves in getting to know their customers, which is why instead of a Deliveroo or UberEats driver, you’ll find Diego on your doorstep. Since 2020, Amy and Diego make the cookies themselves in their Hyde Park kitchen and hand-deliver them straight to your door.

They really are the perfect combination of good-quality ingredients and amazing service. Amy and Diego want to keep their cookies accessible, with affordable prices and incredible flavours. And if over 4,000 followers is not enough to convince you of their cookie-fame, they even got recognised in Aldi.

At the heart of this ever-growing business is two amazing people creating a trustworthy, reliable and delicious cookie brand. Having met on a banana farm in rural Queensland, they could have never predicted finding such success in baking cookies.

Chunk is outgrowing Hyde Park!

From a small kitchen in the terraces of Hyde Park, Chunk Cookies have travelled further than Amy and Diego, with people placing orders from the Isle of Man and even the Highlands. Amy and Diego have also made massive milestones in selling their cookies at Kirkgate market. “We couldn’t believe people had come to Kirkgate, just to buy our cookies”. They even have plans to continue expanding, with the possibility of opening their first bakery in Hyde Park very soon.

To order Chunk Cookies, have a look on their website. You can also find them on Instagram. You’ll also find some retailers and cafes selling Chunk Cookies, have a look on their Instagram to find out more.

So, stop subjecting yourself to mediocre cookies. You deserve good cookies made by good people with good ingredients. And that is exactly what Chunk is.

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