Leeds students tell us their biggest icks

TW: this may make you never want to date again


The ick: the only relationship hurdle even more inescapable than the friend zone. Many of us have experienced it and, for most couples, it’s the beginning of the end.

That overwhelming cringe and the feeling of disgust towards someone that you once found blindingly attractive. The rose-tinted goggles have come off and suddenly everything your S.O does seems off-putting.

I didn’t have to look very far at first, as one of my housemates had already curated a four page “ick-list.” If you weren’t afraid of the Leeds dating scene before, you would be after reading it.

We asked fifteen Leeds students what gives them the ick the most, and the replies were just as entertaining as expected:

Beth, 21

“When they miss a catch and have to run after the ball.”

And then that awkward jog back.

Tom, 21

“Slow replies.”

Big turn off.

Mia, 20

“Leaving the toilet seat up.”


It really is just standard manners.

Emily, 22

“Having a messy room.”

Ben, 21

“Chewing loudly.”

Is there anything more annoying?

Meg, 21 

“Spilling a drink down their top.”

Ellisha, 21

“Watching them try to choose a meal deal.”

Will, 20

“Ridiculously long nails.”

Lydia, 20

“When they try to eat a slice of pizza and the cheese separates from the base.”

Minus points if they get tomato sauce stains around their mouth.

Isobel, 21

“Struggling to get the attention of the waiter.”

Or having to repeat themselves when they order.

Em, 22

“Sitting in a bath without bubbles.”

Just seems wrong.

Joe, 20

“Using the crying laughing emoji too much.”


Georgie, 21

“If they use 3-in-1 shower gel.”

Even worse if they wash their face with it too.

Dan, 22

“Being really into star signs.”

Katie, 21

“Running up the stairs on all fours.”

Serious deal-breaker.

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