Leeds Uni announce rent rebate extension for halls

The extension applies between February 19th and 8th March

The University of Leeds has announced this afternoon their plans to extend the rent rebate for students in university owned halls of accommodation until March 8th.

An email sent to students from Student Communications has revealed: “period that the rent rebate covers has now been extended until 8 March 2021”. This is in line with the date that the national lockdown should be eased, with students at university and schools hopefully returning to education on that date.

The email students received this afternoon

The rent rebate only applies to students who have not lived in their university owned or managed accommodation since January 11th and aren’t required to be on campus for face-to-face teaching.

If students meet these criteria, they are eligible to apply for the rent extension, a period of 17 days.

The email clarifies that if students return to their accommodation at any point between the extended period (19 February – 8 March), they will not be allowed to apply for the extension.

Students can apply for the extension using this form.

Rent Rebate Credit

The rent rebate will be applied as a rent credit towards the students’ residence account, meaning their final payment will be substantially less. The credit will be applied after March 1st.

If students have paid their account in full, the Student Fees team will contact those affected to arrange a refund of the rebate amount.

The email reiterates that students should not cancel their payment plan or direct debit, presumably from the increased pressure due to the Rent Strike by Cut The Rent Leeds.

The accommodation team can be contacted at: [email protected] or by ringing (0113) 343 7777.

Emergency Hardship Fund

The email clarifies that if students are struggling financially, they can contact LUU as they may be able to provide some additional support via their Emergency Hardship Fund.

LUU can be contacted at: [email protected] or by ringing (0113) 380 1400.

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