ANNOUNCING: The Best Pet in Leeds

The votes have been counted and verified

After a long campaign with over 2,000 votes cast, the results of  The Best Pet in Leeds competition are in.

The worthy winner saw off snakes, cats, dogs, hamsters and tarantulas to snatch the crown.

Without further ado, we are pleased are pleased to announce that Edna the rabbit has been crowned The Best Pet in Leeds.

Edna, celebrating her victory with a little bit of the bubbly and a pint of bitter

The Leeds Tab caught up with Edna’s owner Rosie, who was delighted to hear the news.

Rosie said: “That’s so exciting!

When asked how Edna’s finding lockdown, her owner said: “She likes lockdown as we are in all the time but is very excited for it to get warm again so that she can go outside more.

“She does not like the cold.”

Edna, not liking the cold

Fun facts about Edna

• Will only drink water unless you hold her bottle for her

• Prefers being the little spoon

• Likes tea

Nice colour brew

• Wakes you up every morning by climbing on your head and “booping” your face

• Thumps when she smells a cat

• Drinks from the bath

• When she was younger, she used to jump on balloons

• REALLY likes the colour orange and once chased a man and his football all the way across Burley Park because she wanted to catch his shoes

From The Leeds Tab to you, we’d like to say a BIG congratulations to Edna for winning The Best Pet in Leeds, and thank you for all the entries, comments and votes!

You can follow Edna on her Instagram here.

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