Leeds Uni offers isolating freshers contactless laundry service at £25 a pop

And we thought Circuit Laundry was bad

After telling isolating freshers to wash their socks in the sink and consoling the same freshers with depressing “self-isolation food boxes” , the University of Leeds has unveiled its latest measure to help ease the burden of the global pandemic.

The Uni is offering a contactless laundry service to freshers forced into self-isolation, for a mere £25 a pop. That’s right, 25 whole English pounds…for laundry.

What’s more, PingLocker (the laundry service) has said it will not be responsible for lost items of clothing as they are “tagged by load.”

PingLocker add that the company does “not inspect the care labels of each garment” and will “not be liable for damage” of clothing items.

The new laundry service, which was introduced via e-mail today, has shocked students with its extortionate price tag.

Ben, a first year Environment and Business student, expressed his distaste in a tweet this morning.

Ben told The Leeds Tab: “It’s a joke, almost 10 times normal [price].”

Commenting that the usual laundry price is around £2.70, he revealed that he isn’t planning on using the service and “doubts that anybody will.”

Maddy, another first year student, acknowledges “it’s not really the laundrette’s responsibility to sort the washing.”

She adds: “If they’re damaged or lost for a different reason then that’s on the people at the laundrette.”

The University of Leeds has been contacted for comment.