Leeds Uni confirms six positive coronavirus cases

Many more cases could be going unreported

The University of Leeds has revealed that since the start of September six students have received positive coronavirus test results.

The reported cases have been in both uni-owned accommodation and private residences.

It is thought that more students may also be suffering with coronavirus, but haven’t yet informed the uni of their status.

One second year student living in the Hyde Park area told The Leeds Tab she was aware of several houses self isolating and that around thirty students had tested positive for coronavirus.

The student, who requested to remain anonymous, said: “We were advised before returning to Leeds that there was a test centre on campus for our use.

“It’s clearly overwhelmed as it took my housemate five days to get an appointment.”

The NHS ran coronavirus test centre, located at The Gryphon Sports Centre on campus, isn’t specifically for uni students, but caters for any members of the public living near by.

The second-year student also described rising stress levels due to the start of term approaching quickly, troubles with wifi connection and employment anxieties.

She told The Leeds Tab: “A  few people who have jobs have been put under stress from employers, worried they will lose their jobs if they miss too much work despite the fact they are following gov[ernment] guidelines.”

Another second-year student detailed her challenges getting a test. The student, who also requested to remain anonymous, said: “I got a test because quite a few of my friends started testing positive who I had been in contact with.

“Because the student houses are quite big, once one person gets it, it spread so quickly to us all.

“I couldn’t get a test at any of the walk in centres in Leeds. There was no availability [and] the nearest centre was in Bradford which was obviously way too far.

“Luckily a friend had some home tests she had brought up from home, so I managed to do one of them and got the results back within two days.

“I haven’t had any contact with the uni and didn’t know I even needed to contact anyone since everything is online.”

A University of Leeds spokesperson said: “Since the start of September the University has been made aware of six positive tests for covid-19 among our students and staff – these cases are not connected to each other.

“We are not currently aware of others, although it is possible students living in private residences have not yet informed us of their status.

“We are continuing to provide guidance and support to staff and students about staying safe via coronavirus.leeds.ac.uk.”

(Featured Image: SWNS stock photo)