Outdoor cinema coming to Leeds this Monday

There will be two screenings a day throughout Freshers’ Week

This year’s Freshers’ Week has admittedly been dampened by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which among other things, has put a temporary end to Fruity.

It’s true to say that you can’t go clubbing and make snap decisions that will haunt you for the rest of your uni career. You probably can’t get a seat at the library as there’s currently one seat for every 380 students enrolled at Uni of.

You can’t even have a mate over in your halls flat unless you want to part with up to £100.

But, you can watch Clueless underneath the stars for the princely sum of just four English pounds.

That’s right, there’s a new outdoor cinema coming to Leeds this Monday showing films such as Back to the Future, Black Panther and Lady Bird.

Me- Because clubs are closed

The initiative is brought to you by The University of Leeds, Leeds University Union and Hyde Park Picture House.

The outdoor screen is located next to the Roger Stevens Building on in the heart of Uni of territory, and is open to all (even Beckett students).

The seating will be socially distanced and the cinema will be thoroughly cleaned between screenings.

There are only around 80 seats however so sort your priorities out and make sure you book one before you even contemplate looking for a seat at the library.

Full listings and ticket information can be found here.

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