Leeds Uni students could be fined up to £100 for breaching social distancing in halls

Students who commit repeat offences could be kicked out of halls or even expelled from uni

University of Leeds students could be forced to pay fines ranging from £50 to £100 if they break social distancing rules in halls.

Repeat offences could lead to students being kicked out of halls or, in extreme cases, expelled from the University.

For students living in uni-owned accommodation, there are some extra rules on social distancing that go beyond the ones put in place by the UK Government.

Thats some good distancing, boys.

Social distancing in halls

Your flat is your new household. That means you don’t have to social distance from other flatmates but you can’t have anyone else in the flat or your room from the outside world.

This means you CAN commit the fatal sin that is “flatcest,” but you CAN’T bring that lucky someone back from one of the multitude of club nights that, for the foreseeable future, won’t be happening anyway. I’m crying, really, I am.

You can however meet people in spaces such a common rooms, providing you social distance and are adhering to the current government guidelines on coronavirus. 

Face coverings

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You don’t have to wear a face covering when you’re inside your flat. That would be toooo much. You will, however, have to wear a face covering whenever you’re in an indoor communal space on campus. These spaces include reception areas, corridors, stairs, lifts and communal toilets outside your flat.

The Uni also encourage the use of face coverings outdoors, but only if you can’t keep two metres away from someone.

Some social spaces and gyms will be exempt from the face mask rule.


The Uni advise that you should wash your hands as soon as you enter your flat.

You should also wash your hands before you leave your room, even if you’re going to the kitchen or shared bathroom.

Self-isolation in accommodation

You’ll need to self-isolate if you have coronavirus symptoms, are awaiting a test result, have tested positive for coronavirus or are living with someone to whom any of the above applies.

If you are self-isolating, you’ll have to let the uni know through this FORM.

More information can be found on The University of Leeds’s coronavirus website.