IT’S OFFICIAL: These are the most and least popular halls at Leeds Uni

What even is Sentinel?

Which Leeds Uni halls is the best?  This is a question that’s been on every student’s lips for generations.

You’ve defo been at a pres when a young Tory and former Charles Morris resident has expressed their horror that not all first year rooms are en suite.  You’ve defo strolled past the wavy bacon and overheard someone exclaim that actually, Lupton isn’t as bad as everyone says it is. And you’ve defo heard someone utter the words: “Where the fuck is Oxley?”

Well, thanks to some lovely data obtained by a Freedom of Information request, we now know, categorically, which halls are the most popular and which are down-right hated.

Help, I’ve echo fallen!!

Central Village is the most popular halls with 979 students applying for a room within its walls in last academic year (19/20), despite The Leeds Tab once terming it a “glorified Premier Inn.” I mean… that tells you all you need to know about our reach and influence.

Next comes James Baillie Park with 881 applicants, Henry Price Residences with 797 applicants and Cityside with 692.

It’s a well-known fact that James Baillie is where you want to be if you’re here to have a good time. It’s not as posh as Charles Morris (who by the way are chortling over their cream tea down in fifth place) and at least it’s not next to an actual graveyard like Henry Price.

Full table of results

The least (shock) popular halls (No I am genuinely shocked) is Liberty Dock (shock).  In a huge shake-up, the most boring halls on campus, situated in the arse-end of Leeds has been re-named Clarence Dock, presumably to stand as a memorial to everyone’s favourite Big Lez character.

Sentinel Towers (never heard of it) was the second least popular, with the Fresh Meat candidate, Shared Houses, failing to make it out of the relegation zone.

Devonshire Hall and Lupton are somewhere floating in the middle, providing a fitting metaphor for their average quality of pres.

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