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Beckett is looking to house coursemates together

‘Study bubbles’ will hopefully slow the spread of coronavirus

Leeds Beckett University is looking to house students who study the same subject in the same accommodation.

An email sent to applicants from Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Slee reads: “Wherever possible we are planning to create ‘study bubbles’ – these are groups who consistently study together and where we can we will also provide opportunities for the same students to share accommodation. These steps should help limit and restrict any potential virus spread.”

This means that those living in halls could find themselves sharing a flat with the same people they sit next to in seminars.

The email also reveals that the uni won’t be running “large-group teaching” (lectures) with the aim of maximising the space available for small-group teaching such as seminars.

Small-group teaching will be supported by “remote learning” such as online lectures.

All teaching will be recorded and posted online so those who need to shield or self-isolate will not be adversely affected.

The email adds: “General learning spaces, including access to libraries, will be available to be booked online; and where specialist space is needed, this will either be provided: as normal; created in newly adapted spaces; or replicated as part of an enhanced suite of online resources.”

It is unclear as yet whether this means students will have to schedule trips to the library or even book study spaces. The uni were asked to clarify this point but declined to do so, saying that students will be updated in due course.

Professor Slee maintains that “the learning content you will receive won’t change” despite the modifications to the structure of teaching.

Slee writes: “We hope that when and if restrictions are lifted, we’ll be able to extend access to the University campus during the academic year, but I want to stress that our most important consideration will be the health and safety of our students and staff.”

All measures are under constant review in line with government policy.