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BREAKING: Leeds city centre evacuated after suspicious package found

The bomb squad were called to the Queen Street area

Parts of Queen Street, Quebec Street, and King Street were evacuated earlier when the bomb squad were called to a suspicious package in Leeds City Centre.

West Yorkshire Police have said: "We received a report of a suspicious package at a building in the Queen Street area. EOD is attending to assess the situation but, as a precautionary measure, has advised an immediate evacuation of buildings in the immediate vicinity. The incident is ongoing."

Alex Wright works on King Street and was evacuated by the police. She told The Tab Leeds:

"The police had cordoned off the entire block outside our building. Our office is on the 6th floor, so we could see everything but no one had any information until a member of the team on the 5th floor came running in telling us we needed to leave immediately.

"Everyone was a little shook and not really sure what was happening but we grabbed our stuff and ran down the stairs. The police weren’t really allowed to tell us what was going on but a guy came out and said a suspicious package has been found.

"It was a little bit scary at the time but it was clearly being managed well, although it did take a while for us to be alerted."

The incident is ongoing.