Here’s all the 2019 themed costumes that you’re guaranteed to see this Halloween

Did somebody say Rebekah Vardy?

It's Halloween on Thursday, which means in just over two days you'll be surrounded by every type of witch, cat and zombie that there is – but for those who are feeling a little more creative, 2019 has also had some iconic pop culture moments to inspire some more unique costumes.

These are the 2019 themed costumes you're guaranteed to see from students this Halloween.

Boris Johnson

Love him or hate him, the man who has promised to deliver Brexit (at some point) has been everywhere this year, and no doubt he'll be making an appearance this Halloween too. Just make sure to go easy on the fake tan or you might get mistaken for Trump.

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Stranger Things

Now that we've reached season three of the iconic show, the kids of Stranger Things aren't such young kids anymore. The Scoops Ahoy uniform in particular will make for a really cute costume this Halloween.

Patrick Star

Although they first became popular a couple of years ago, Spongebob memes don't seem to be going away any time soon. Any of the show's characters will make an easily recognisable costume, but Patrick in his shorts and heels is bound to make an appearance this year.

Baby Shark

Admit it, this song was stuck in your head for most of 2019, and no doubt someone will be inspired to create a Baby Shark Halloween costume this year. Maybe you and your housemates could go as the entire shark family?

It's…. Rebekah Vardy's account

The footballer's wives drama might be the juiciest piece of gossip all year, and when Coleen took to twitter to finally spill the tea on who had been selling her private info to the tabloids, it was only a matter of time before someone made an incredible Halloween costume inspired by her tweet.


Zendaya's new show took the US and the rest of the world by storm when it aired earlier this year and is sure to inspire some amazing makeup looks this Halloween.

Elton John

The iconic musician is known for his pretty eccentric stage outfits, and after the success of Rocket Man earlier this year, he is also bound to inspire a few costumes this Halloween.


It's 2019 and we still don't know whether we're leaving the EU with or without a deal, but no doubt someone will find a way to turn Brexit into an amazing Halloween costume this year.