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A Leeds student is using his student loan to throw a festival

AND it’s for a charitable cause

While most Leeds students blow their loan on booze, Crispy's and Red Bull – turns out, there are some selfless and productive students out there. Meet Dan James, the Leeds Beckett second year who is using his student loan to throw a festival.

And not just any festival, but an event promoting social development in support of his company's new launch, "Project Tropic Nation." That's right, he's not only using his student loan for a good cause – he's also the owner of a company, Tropic Nation Limited. They partner with sports clubs and deliver free sports sessions for young people.

Anyone else feeling guilty for just struggling to attend a 9am lecture?

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Dan says, "We believe in creating a forward thinking environment on the pitch, which allows for self-expression and thus a more enriched life off-the pitch."

Tropic Nation Limited is providing a positive environment for young people through sport to approach current social issues of class, language and culture. After finding comfort in sport himself, Dan is incredibly passionate about this cause.

Project Tropic Nation @ Hillingdon Abbots RFC

ENGAGE. INCENTIVISE. EMPOWER. One of our key ventures 'Project Tropic Nation', acts as a social business. We use rugby 7's as a tool to educate and provide a sense of fulfilment for young adolescents and children. In our ethos, we aim to: Engage, Incentivise and Empower these people to take the values from rugby and translate them into their own lives.Back in July this year, we made our first outing to Hillingdon Abbots RFC, Hayes, London. Now a club partner, we returned to the Abbots last weekend to host our second rugby camp and cement an exciting partnership for both the club and ourselves!A MASSIVE thank you to all our partners who have supported us and made this possible! Eiger Performance Raging Bull Clothing Tribe Performance @thamesidebrewery Check it out now!!!

Posted by Tropic Nation on Tuesday, September 4, 2018

So why not just spend your loan on booze like every other student?!

Well, he said he normally would but at this time in his life he's able to do better things with it, like further his career and help society out. And, as said by Dan, "if it fucks up, it fucks up – but it would have just gone on alcohol anyway so who's counting?"

To get people buzzing for the event Tropic Nation are also throwing other parties in Leeds to give us a taste of how it will go down.

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Dan also works several jobs to make up for his loan and studies a full-time degree at the same time. Hands up if you feel like a failure in comparison.

Here's a sneak peak at what's to come at the festival:

Posted by Tropic Nation on Monday, January 21, 2019

They are hoping to host 1,000 people and use their network of friends to throw one hell of a party. The rugby 7s will be playing on the pitch at Leo's Rugby Club in Alwoodley – just outside of Headingly for those of you new to Leeds.

Mark April 21st in your diaries and grab a ticket asap. Besides, what's not to like about rugby boys, alcohol, music and a good cause all in one event?