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VK is launching a new flavour at an exclusive event in Leeds’ Pryzm

The Rainbow Challenge just got better

Nothing says student life more than a few VKs on a night out. We've all done The Rainbow Challenge and strawpedoed multiple VKs in the middle of Quids In. But now it's time to try out the new flavour.

VK has launched the epic new flavour, VK Watermelon. And to celebrate the launch, they are having VK Watermelon parties across the country at student events.

Turns out VK have been doing their research this summer. After asking 33,000 VK connoisseurs nationwide for new flavour suggestions, Watermelon was the most popular option. 19,000 people voted for it!

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On Friday 30th November, Pryzm will be hosting Leeds' VK Watermelon party. There'll be a chance to try the new flavour and get some snaps in the Photo Booth with VK props. Not to mention, the giant VK bottles and banners for your Insta.

Caption that Insta with #VKWatermelon and you might win coveted VK merch. Yes, dreams really do come true.

Watermelon will be permanently joining the range of VK Blue, VK Orange and Passion Fruit, VK Tropical, VK Black Cherry, VK Ice, VK Strawberry and Lime and VK Apple and Mango in February next year.

Get your tickets here.