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Handcuffs, blood and chains: I found a terrifying dungeon in the basement of my Hyde Park student house

Christian Grey must have been the last tenant


Finding a decent student house is near impossible. Add rallying your new housemates and agreeing on a location that's not extortionately priced but also not a shit hole into the mix, and you're already living a nightmare. You end up settling for the first house you viewed, accept rats as your new neighbours and decide damp doesn't smell that bad. Surely it can't get any worse.

You move in, unlock the basement, which was "off-limits" in your house viewings, and discover actually, it can get worse.

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That's right. I moved into my third year house and unlocked the basement door to find a scene resembling a horror movie. Red handprints down the stairs and latin chants painted on the walls. It literally looks like someone was kept down there, tortured and murdered.

Apparently the last tenants were art students at Leeds Uni… but surely this is taking "art" to another level, then again we are in Hyde Park. Oh well, at least I have the perfect house for a sick halloween party.

Of course, I ventured down the stairs of hell to find more paintings and oh boy, does it get more terrifying. First up, there's a huge painting of a man, who looks like the werewolf version of Mr. Monopoly. I assure you, he will pop up in your nightmares tonight.

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Next to the man, we have some more Catholic phrases, including "And God said to Moses…" Unfortunately, the painter was murdered before he could finish that sentence. But I'm guessing it went something along the lines of "give me more ket", knowing Hyde Park.

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I was hoping this was a secret message, but it's actually Italian for: "In the middle of the journey of our life." My journey to hell, more like.

Just when I thought it couldn't possibly get any weirder, the next room takes it to another fucking level.

Welcome to Hyde Park's red room

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You may think it looks staged, but trust me the weird red fabric, pyramid lamp and chains were literally left on the table ready for the next tenant…or victim. The stone table was clearly used to sacrifice people in the Dark Ages.

As for the chains and handcuffs, I'm gonna assume Christian Grey was the last tenant or they were actually keeping some beast down there. Seriously… could it be any creepier?!

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Just look at the horror in my face, no student should have to witness a sacrifice sex table with broken glass and ket all over the floor. Third year is traumatic enough.

Either the last tenants had a wicked halloween party or I accidentally chose the most haunted house in Leeds. I'm thinking the latter tbh.

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