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We spoke to the Leeds student whose boyfriend is on bail in a Turkish jail for ‘fighting ISIS’

‘We plan on appealing until we get Joe home, where he has to be’

Mira Rojkan, a Law student at the University of Leeds, is trying to do everything she can to get her boyfriend home safe. This isn't an easy task when he's on bail from a Turkish jail for fighting ISIS.

She is calling on Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt to help her fiancé, after previously writing to both Boris Johnson and Alan Duncan, urging them to intervene.

Mira's fiancé, Joe Robinson, is a former British soldier and unable to leave Turkey after accusations that he was fighting beside the "People's Protection Units of Syrian Kurdistan".

The organisation is classified as a terrorist group by the Turkish State, but is not banned in the UK. Robinson is said to have been unaware of their ideology when he spent one month with the group in Syria, while offering medical assistance to citizens in 2015. It has been suggested it was actually in the following three months that he fought ISIS alongside the Iraqi Kurdish Military in Iraq.

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Mira has spoken exclusively to The Leeds Tab and says she is still unaware of the help and support that will be provided to them by The British Foreign Office. Mira said: "The British Foreign Office told us they will be ready to support us and provide help during the appeal, however, we don’t know what that help will be".

The Leeds student is determined to get her fiancé home, even without the help of any international organisations: "We plan on appealing until we get Joe home, where he has to be, with or without the help of the FCO".

She continued: "The situation in Turkey is out of our hands, a political and legal crisis, humiliating the European Union, the United Kingdom and all our democratic values".

The situation is obviously taking a toll on Joe himself, as well as those around him, as Mira confessed: "Joe is very devastated, very upset, tired and broken. He doesn’t deserve this, he wants to come home as soon as possible. His mother is not okay at the moment as well, so he hopes the UK foreign office will assist and get him home soon".

Alongside her efforts to work with the British Foreign Office and various other organisations, Mira will be returning to The University of Leeds this upcoming semester to carry on with her degree in Law.

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The biggest problem which Joe faces while unable to leave Turkey, is that he is being punished "without any legal grounds", according to Mira. She said: "We expect the UK government to provide adequate help to their veteran in need, as what is happening in Turkey is completely unjustifiable and a threat to all our values and freedoms.

"Turkey is acting like an International Court of Justice, without the actual justice. We cannot allow Turkey to punish foreign citizens and tourists, retrospectively and without any legal grounds."