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Here are the best dressed people from Leeds Ball 2018

A collection of this years most ballin’ outfits

The most glamorous night in Leeds saw sets from both DJ EZ and Sigala, but let's be honest, we were only at Leeds Ball to see all the glamorous outfits and excessive glitter. Keep scrolling to see the finest outfits to grace Parkinson's steps on the best dressed night of the year:

Jodie has picked up a few style tips throughout her time in Leeds, meaning she is going out of her final ball in style.

When in doubt, wear all black everything, especially when it matches your Leeds ball date.

The award for the most likely to be Leeds' Cinderella goes to Emily. The award for one of the best dressed at Leeds Ball also goes to Emily, so it seems it was a good night all round from Emily.

Ruairi came away 'with a coffee addiction', and an undeniable, flawless sense of style.

Name a time when a pink dress and white heels didn't look good… we're waiting.

Sometimes you need a photogenic backdrop to make your outfit stand out, but this is not the case for Imogen who graced Leeds Ball with an embroidered and velvet dress.

George's semester may have been a joke, but his outfit most certainly isn't.

Zarah is making the most of rosé wine season in this white dress and heels. And, even though she admitted to changing them, her outfit looked good for 10 minutes, and a piece of these 10 minutes is documented here for us to see. Blessed.

Not wearing a dress to Leeds Ball can be seen as risky, but it's a risk that has paid off for Ali who is painting Leeds red in this jumpsuit.

When you have Leeds Ball at 9 and The Oscars at 10… and when your heels look this good, you just have to make it into best dressed.

Everybody take note, because Ruby is doing Leeds Ball RIGHT.