It’s time someone said it: Eddy B is the best club in Leeds

Do I really need to say why?

For any University student, nights-out are a necessity. In Leeds, you’re hardly spoilt for choice. You can have a cheesy bash at Fruity, pop a few pills at Beaverworks, rave to Kanye and Beyoncé at Hifi or win some prizes at Bongo’s. While these nights out are certainly worth the money and the alcohol, nothing – I mean nothing – compares to an all-nighter at the library. By the library I mean one in particular, Eddy B. Brotherton is full of lawyers, English Literature and History students – not who you want to socialise with while Laidlaw is always full. Eddy B on the other hand is that nice blend of edgy mixed with mainstream. Here is every reason why Eddy B is hands down the best place for a night out in Leeds.

You never have to pay for entry

Might as well start off with this one as it’s a no-brainer. All other clubs in Leeds you have to pay for entry and then drinks on top of that (shocking, I know). Why spend £20 on a ticket to Beaverworks when you can get into Eddy B for free? That’s not even factoring in the taxi fare you would have had to spend to get there and back. Going to Eddy B only helps your bank account out while guaranteeing you a lit night out.

Free drinks too?

Did I hear drinks? What night out is complete without a few bevs down your neck? Don’t worry, Eddy B has you sorted here too. No need to pay for any drinks here on a night out. Drinks are free and unlimited too. I mean there are literally fountains of it on every floor – what more could you ask for? I admit it is short on variety (only tap water) but you certainly won’t be getting any deeper into your overdraft. Another plus is that you will no longer have to be tagged in staying hydrated memes – snaps from any wild night at Eddy B will show that you are on top of your life and doing that anyway.

You only need your student ID to get in 

Another added bonus is that you only need your student ID to enter. As many many people can come and go as they like, no curfews or closing times. During exam periods is when Eddy B is at its best – open 24 hours a day one can party all through the day and well into the morning.

It is always guaranteed to be busy and while there isn’t sometimes enough space around lunchtime, that’s usually down to the snakes who leave their stuff there while they have lunch. You know who you are.

No pat down for guys 

Now one must admit that it’s not nice being padded a little inappropriately by a huge bouncer to find that alcohol you have supposedly hidden in your junk. Some of us are just gifted.

This will not go down while seshing at Eddy B. That doesn’t mean to say ‘the guards’ at the entrance aren’t terrifying. They are as they stare while you’re coming in, scenting out anyone sneaking in food. However the security is fairly lax and if you hide it out of sight in your bag, you can slip under their noses. However stay vigilant for if you decide to have a cheeky munch out of your bag, they are always watching and willing to pounce on unsuspecting prey.

No queues

Queues to get in? No matter how busy it gets you are guaranteed to get in in seconds. No need to line up and wait.

No queues for the loo? Did I hear that correctly? Hallelujah and praise the Lord! Need the toilet in the middle of a huge sesh? There’s one on every floor. And for guys, the urinals stay wonderfully clean for the most part. Though there’s always one who can’t aim even when sober. Just sit down, for all our sakes.

No need to organise anything with your mates 

They’re always guaranteed to be there that’s why. One look on Snapchat Maps and you’ve at least got a party of 10 going. Saves the hassle of working out who can do when.

Oh and if you bump into that person you kind of know but don’t really like, you can always insist you have to go back to banging that essay.

6 floors?!

You heard me. Most clubs have one or two rooms and that’s it. Eddy B boasts 5 floors open to everyone. Downstairs in the basement and Floor 10 are where people party hardest. Floor 11 is where the Science and Engineering boffins go wild while Floor 12 is dominated by the lawyers and politicians. Take your pick.

There is also a VIP floor at the top for those kinky students who enjoy inflicting pain on themselves by doing a post-grad degree. Who knows what goes on in there?

Easy access to food (as long as you sneak it in) 

It’s coming to the end of the night and you feel like you need to binge eat to soak up all that water you’ve been drinking. Don’t wanna trek halfway across town for a Flames or Crispys? Eddy B has you totally sorted, just head down to the Edit Room and you’ll have your food in under a minute. There’s even sparkling water and coffee too for those with too weak stomachs to handle Eddy B’s choice of beverages. Everyone, even vegans from Central London, are catered for…