Ed Barnes
Ed Barnes

Missing Sheffield Hallam student found dead in Leeds woods

Police do not consider his death to be suspicious

It’s time someone said it: Eddy B is the best club in Leeds

Do I really need to say why?

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Bow down to the Mother of Lions

Clearly glitter works, because Leeds is one of the top 20 best looking unis in the UK

We all know it should be first though

We asked students who they think deserves to sit on the Iron Throne

Is it too late to bring back Ned Stark?

Every single type of guy you’ll meet on Grindr before you give up on men entirely

If you actually meet any of them, run

Stop using memorials to get a few likes on Instagram

I guess narcissism now trumps respect for the dead if it’s one for the gram

The morality of gay sex shouldn’t have been the central LGBT issue of the past election, but sadly that was all we got

Equality. Ha, I wish