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How to feel like a Victoria’s Secret angel, without blowing your entire student loan

Say adios to granny pants

We all want to look like Candice Swanepoel, Taylor Hill, Elsa Hosk and every other Victoria's Secret model – whether it's in the privacy of the bedroom or underneath your dirty joggers and uni sweater. Some people love bags, shoes, lipsticks – I'm a lingerie addict. What's the point in spending hours planning an outfit for cocktails with the gals or an interview for that placement you're shitting yourself for, if your outfit underneath is granny pants and a 5 year old M&S nude bra?

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Lingerie should empower us. Those cute lacy bras at the back of your drawer shouldn't just be reserved for your partner's pleasure or for a one night stand. Wear them to the library, to work or even wear them to exams so that when you start freaking out over a question, you can remember that at least you look like you have your shit together under your clothes.

But I know, it's RIDICULOUSLY overpriced.

I'm a smaller busted lady and I love it. I'm a size S – I don't even own bras with the actual cup and band size these days. So my experience of wired, hard core lingerie is limited and probs not relevant to the larger busted gals. Apologies.

Here's some VS style lingerie for tiny tits at student prices!

Let's start with the holy grail, Primark

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£3 Primark sale

Lacy bralettes are my every day – you can't go wrong. They're a fiver from Primark, often come with matching pants and when you get to the end of the day – you're not dying to rip that uncomfortable wired bra off.

If you're after something a little more sexy while still being comfy, of course – Primark usually has two or three stands with more fancy lingerie.

£15 set yasss

Compare that to VS and you're saving up to £50 for almost identical underwear.

You can't go wrong with a bodysuit

Whether it's lacy, mesh, strappy or backless. Bodies are perfect for 'jeans and a nice top' or a little extra support under a tight dress. I'll admit, VS bodies are stunning but they avergage at £80 for, let's be honest, a piece of mesh with poppers.

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£10 Primark

Sometimes the Primark shopping experience can be stressful and irritating, especially with tweens arguing with their mums over their first bra in the back corner. So try Ann Summers – when they have a sale.

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£20 Ann Summers

The best thing about this bodysuit? Pair with some leather jeans, and boom – ready for a night out.

Underwear as outerwear

So you're thinking that no one is going to see your underwear and tbh, you just wanna buy a cheap, comfy bra that you can wear under anything rather than some fancy Ann Summers shit. Incorrect ladies. Buy a mesh top, literally any highstreet store sells them, and show off your cute bralette.

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£12 H&M

VS can also be cheap

Despite their extortionate prices, Victoria's Secret has incredible sales – from Black Friday to the Semi Annual Summer Sale, you're guarranteed more affordable prices.

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£10 PINK

Prepare for chaos, the size drawers are a trap. There will be XS bralettes, 32DD bras, thongs, suspender straps and literally everything else in one drawer. Eat beforehand (trust me, don't wanna get hangry while you're fighting someone for a £9 bra), know you're size and be patient.

Say goodbye to ugly underwear, and hellooo to your inner sex goddess in 2018!