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All the best places to lie down and cry in Leeds this revision season

Everybody hurts…

After stuffing your face for a solid month and not really doing much else, exam season has caught up with you and its time to cram as much info into your head as you can pigs in blankets. So when it all gets a bit much and you find yourself holding back the tears whist sat on the loo in Laidlaw, just have a cry. Here are my tips for the best most cry appropriate places in Leeds.

Those slightly odd sofa seats in eddy b

What level of "done" you are will determine the usefulness of this location, on a scale of "I really don't care even a little bit if these people see me cry" and "I should probably try to conceal my tears at least a little bit". Either way these unpractical seats, those ones with no table (?) are surprisingly comfortable for you to curl up into the foetus position and let it all out.

The fruity dancefloor

This week the wonderful people of fruity have made tickets half price (who knew fruity could become any more alluring) so inevitably a few brave souls will make the bold move of attending fruity before an exam. However be prepared for the realisation of your lack of revision just as they blast scissor sisters for the 3rd time that night. But don't worry, you'll have a VK in each hand to console you.

Just pretend none of this is happening x

En route home from uni whilst blasting Ed Sheeran

Its been a long day in the library and you feel like will from the Inbetweeners after one too many energy drinks. The long, dark and somewhat dangerous walk through Hyde Park is the perfect location for an emotional breakdown to the tones of Ed Sheeran. This one actually becomes fun as soon as you pretend you're in a music video.

Pretty bleak tbf

Into a plate of loaded chips at Almost Famous (or just some cheesy chips from Crispy's)

Almost Famous do unreal loaded chips for you to eat your feelings, but they're salty enough to try to avoid getting your tears in them. If you're not emotionally stable enough for the walk into town, crispies will offer you the same amount of cheesy comfort.

To your tutor, maybe you'll get an extension x

Perhaps a more productive use of your tears, maybe they'll help you with your shitty revision thus far or in extreme cases give you some kind of extension. Although this may only prolong your procrastination.

Standard strategy

Your tiny laidlaw or eddy b cubicle which you fought tirelessly to secure that morning and so now cannot afford to leave

You queued up from 7:45 this morning for your cubicle and a few hours in realise that you've spent the morning watching "Best Vines of 2014" and not actually learning anything. However you cannot afford to leave despite the tear falling down your cheek. Have a (silent zone) cry and get on with it.

Over a post revision pint at Terrace

Warning: this one may lead to a night out and therefore increase exam anxiety. But it's within walking distance of every library and they have Dark fruits on tap.

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End your day of revision in the best way