It’s time we all admitted that Popworld is the most underrated night out in Leeds

Move over Canal Mills, I’m drinking £1.50 Jägerbombs tonight

I know what you're thinking, and I'll admit that I too was sceptical at first.

When the news first broke that Leeds was getting a Popworld, those students among us fortunate enough to recognise the name from home were sent into a frenzy.

In a world where some nights out (not naming any names) have the audacity to charge three whole pounds for a shot of tequila, Popworld was destined to be our saving grace. They even built it round the corner from everyone's favourite McDonald's, as if you needed a better reason to wake up in bed with a Big Mac on one pillow and a half-eaten cheesy bite on the other.

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It's not even that Popworld has better lighting, or a better dancefloor, or even better music than other nights out. There's no way it can be compared to a drug-fuelled bender at Beaverworks, or to the absolute madness that was Bicep at Canal Mills, but Popworld just has a certain… je ne sais quoi.

You can't gather your squad for a spontaneous trip to High Rise because tickets cost forty quid and sell out in under half an hour. Popworld let people in for free. My mate once got given a gratuitous bottle of prosecco because she got really into an old-school One Direction banger and the DJ appreciated her dance moves.

Won a bottle of Perry just for being a giggle on the dance floor didn't I? Inspirational.

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They're never going to play a song that you don't know. My Donny pals will never believe me when I say it's practically Leeds' answer to our beloved Che bar (RIP). It's almost unbearably cheesy, and you'll probably never admit to having had a banging time there, but at the end of the day, you're never going to forget the night that you lost your Popworld virginity. You could take a fiver out and come home with change.

'sit here at your own risk'

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And I'm not saying you have to permanently abandon your weekly Sunday trip to HiFi. I'm not even saying that next time the group chat blows up because Flux tickets are on sale, you should mute it and nip down to Cookridge Street instead. All I'm saying is that Popworld is by far the most underrated night out in Leeds, and it's about time we the student population gave it the chance it deserves.

Featured image taken from the Popworld Leeds Facebook Page