Robyn Gunn

Robyn Gunn
Leeds University


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Leeds Uni has received £1.2m in grants from companies with links to the arms trade

It’s been happening since 2013

Meet the directors of the Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2018

Clear your calendars for February 15th

The 2018 Leeds RAG Fashion Show theme has been announced and it is LIT

And tickets are on sale NOW

People who reserve seats in the library deserve a special place in hell, just for them

Some of us are trying to get a first here

I watched Love Actually for the first time and it was a car crash from start to finish

That’s two and a half hours that I’ll never get back

There was an anti-abortion protest outside the Parkinson building that had more opposition than support

They compared abortion to slavery

Greggs are giving away FREE Festive Bakes in Leeds tomorrow

Abort your essays and grab a pasty

I spent my first year at university battling the worst of five years of depression

Poor mental health is an epidemic among students

It’s time we all admitted that Popworld is the most underrated night out in Leeds

Move over Canal Mills, I’m drinking £1.50 Jägerbombs tonight

For real though, which Leeds club has the best smoking area?

Vote in the most important election of the year

Which GoT character are you based on your edgy Leeds preferences?

We can’t all be glittery dragon hoes

An illustrated guide to every girl’s style evolution through uni

Bet you still own your Carnage t-shirt

All the struggles of being an unsuccessful hoe

When you try your best but you don’t succeed

What your favourite Game of Thrones character says about you

If you pick a favourite they’re guaranteed to die next

I asked my POC friends for the worst race comment they’ve ever received

No, really, someone did say that

Leeds English lecturers accused of copy and pasting exam feedback across different modules

It was identical to the feedback from January exams

We know everything about your personality based on what you like to drink at pres

Remember: gin girls are psycho

A definitive ranking of the 1D boys’ singles

Harry’s is a tune, let’s be honest

Which library should you go to?

Your degree rests on this decision

All the annoying things people do in the library, and literally nowhere else

Because you can’t write your diss at your kitchen table

All the reasons Valentine’s Day is better when you’re single

Single and ready to cry alone in my room

Everything that happens on a night out in Leeds

You can never escape the glitter

Everything you could buy with the money you spend on a train from London to Leeds

A down payment on a ten-bedroom house, probably

All the things they don’t tell you before you start Leeds, but probably should

It all hits the fan so fast