Here are the best dressed people at Leeds Fest this year

There’s no such thing as too much glitter

This summer has seen its fair share of festivals, but only one stands out as the most sparkly, the most stylish and the muddiest of them all. The best dressed of Leeds Fest is here and there is no shortage of glitter, fishnets and denim. The festival is almost a celebration of everything great about Leeds fashion. The only thing missing was the iconic Leeds white trainer, which is probably for the best.


glittery mess with orange legs 🎪🦄✨

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Grace is the ultimate glitter princess as she even manages to make her green wellies work with her outfit.


Chelsea's red lace and hair accessories are all you need for the perfect festival look.



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Somehow, Hilary manages to combine the year seven disco flame shirt look with the year eight checkered Vans look and make it totally work.


Being extra is 100% acceptable when your outift looks as good as Julia's.



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There is just something about Holly's use of denim and fishnets which looks SO GOOD.

Rebecca and Lucy

Made it

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The only thing which is even better than fishnets and glitter… is fishnets, glitter and a fur coat.



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Grace's glitterly look is one she can take straight from the fest to the club (minus the wellies maybe). She is also proving that the more glitter you put into your look, the better.

Abbie and Holly

Had such a good day with my BF yesterday🎪👯💘

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Fab weekend with these chicas #leeds #leedsfest 🌞🌟🌻✨💛⭐️

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Will Smith's nowhere to be seen, but these are some fresh prints.


Day two ✨

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Wellies, fishnets, leopard print, and shiny gold. There's no such thing as too much lewk.


Sensible footwear, embroidered flowers, and some subtle glitter. It's the outfit that's got it all.