Leeds Beckett accommodation floods for the second time

Hope they can all swim

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After floods in October 2016 resulted in the Leeds Beckett University accommodation The Plaza having to evacuate the occupants and serious damage to the building, hundreds of students have just had to abandon their accommodation once more after floods last Sunday.

Students feared for their safety as water streamed from the ceilings and rushed out of lifts. A faulty pressure valve was found to be the cause.

The Plaza Leeds

The students were forced to stay in hotels and remained unsure as to when they could return or where they would even be sleeping every night.

A spokesman for Unite, the company which owns the flats, has apologised for the inconvenience caused and has promised that Unite “was confident the issue was rectified” and stated that they had “set up a system to ensure that no student is left out of pocket or with cash-flow issues as a consequence of the incident.”