Clubbers of the week

Take a break from revision and see if you made it this week

Rowdiest clubber

Oi! Oi!

Oi! Oi!

Grumpiest photobomber

Not a happy man

Shades of the week

But why wear them indoors?

Baller of the week

Mo’ money mo’ problems

Most excited clubber


Selfie of the week

#drunk #leeds #sowasted

Strangest headwear of the week

Leeds isn’t called edgy for nothing

Most inappropriate positioning for a photo

Just weird

Loser of the week

She’s talkin’ ’bout you

Most concerned clubber

Where am I? Who am I?

Happiest clubber

Greatest day of his life

Lovers of the week

Here the female demonstrates a new mating technique

Tongue of the week


Squad of the week

Fuck sake Robert, every time

Creepiest clubber

That hair looks tasty

Clubber in the most pain

Just dance through it

Thanks to No Curfew, Taking Liberties and Voodoo for the photos

Karl Spencer – Entourage

ItsJustJoeB – Chaos

Elliot Young – Mixtape

CJG Photography – Quids In, Antics