The Leeds Ball ticket website keeps crashing

This isn’t Glastonbury

The Leeds Ball ticket website is currently facing difficulties as people desperately try to buy the first release tickets.

Tickets for final year students were supposed to go on sale at 10am with other years being able to purchase their tickets at 12pm.

But the website is currently down, meaning that no one has been able to buy their tickets.

The website error page advertised the 2013 Ball, and says that it’s a “small problem”, people’s reactions beg to differ.


You’re three years too late mate

Many disgruntled third years have expressed their anger at the organisers, saying how it’s wasted their time with some waiting well over an hour to buy their tickets.


Others have compared it to the chaos of trying to buy Glastonbury tickets.


History finalist , Jessica Misfud-Bonnici told The Tab, “I didn’t even wait this long for Glastonbury tickets and the line up was a lot better.”

The Union has posted in the Facebook event page saying that tickets will now only be available to non-final year students at 2pm rather than 12pm.13091709_1345676085447756_1165934966_o

The Tab has reached out to the Union for comment.