Leeds has the most drink-related injuries of any UK uni

What’s your mum going to say when she hears about this?

Leeds University is the uni with the highest number of drink-related injuries.

According to data obtained by the Evening Standard, there have been 196 incidences of recorded incidences on campus or in halls since 2014.

The overall figure is likely to be even higher, as many incidents are not reported and many do not happen on campus.

No-one wants to look like this

No-one wants to look like this

Leeds Uni students reported 73 drink-related injuries last year and  and a huge 123 in 2014.

The Univeristy has said they’re keeping “comprehensive records” of all alcohol-related illnesses and injuries.

They told the ES: “The vast majority are very minor, such as a student feeling unwell.

“We are working with our Student Union to help students understand the dangers of irresponsible drinking.”