Someone spray painted ‘KILLA’ on the wavy statue

Evidence suggests the thug life chose them

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Everyone’s favourite wavy statue on campus has been spraypainted with the word “KILLA”.

The graffiti slogan could be seen this weekend on the side of the “Sign for Art” statue which was added to the campus in 2014.


The sculpture was designed in connection with the redevelopment of the Social Sciences building to refelect equality for all.

However brazen vandals spray painted the word ‘KILLA’ on the statue’s side sometime in the last few days.

The tag is already confusing students, many of whom are questioning the motivation behind the message.

Second year Politics and Parliamentary Studies student Duncan Claber said: “Why would anyone waste their time doing that?”

Meanwhile fifth year dentist Abhinay Settipalli said: “If you go to Leeds Uni and you still use spray can paint, you’re probably not a ‘killa’.”

The university have since removed the graffiti.