A man tried to buy me for £200 in Pryzm

I didn’t accept


A strange man offered to give a final year monthly payments of £200 as she enjoyed a night out at Pryzm on Monday.

Broadcast Journalism finalist Emily Willson was approached inside the nightclub at 2am as she was promoting for The Tab, but he thought The Tab was a charity.

She said: “He asked if he could donate. I sort of expected him to hand over a couple of pounds and walk away.”

“But then he was like ‘Can I give you money regularly?’. As I work for a charity I know what you need to ask to get direct debit details. I wasn’t ever expecting him to give them to me”.

After typing his bank details on her phone, the man, who was short with dark hair, then offered to pay five pounds a month but had another proposal in store for Emily.

“First he said he’d give us £5 a month – then he turned to me and said: ‘I want to buy you for £200!'”

Confused and bit scared, she promptly refused the money, sending the mysterious buyer on his way.

Emily said “It was a bit weird and I still don’t understand why someone just came up to a random person in a club and just gave over their credit card details.”