Massive fire on New York Street

A furniture shop on New York street in the city centre has burst into flames

fire leeds

A fire has broken out on New York street in the city centre. 

The fire was first spotted on social media about half an hour ago and was initially believed to be centred at the Corn Exchange.

Since then the Corn Exchange has tweeted suggesting their building is not involved.

It actually appears that the source of the fire is a furniture shop at the top of Call Lane.

This is the second similar incident in a year, with Majestyk club catching ablaze last September.

Firefighters are currently working to tackle the blaze.

Reports suggest the shop was evacuated when the fire began, and that no-one has been injured.

The area has been closed off for the time being.

EDIT: It is now understood that there were lots of sirens and screaming at around 4:30pm which was when nearby residents could first see smoke coming out of the shop. For roughly 30mins the emergency services were unable to enter the building due to shutters.

At around 6pm the fire had reached it’s peak with all three floors of the shop ablaze and even the amusement arcade next door. Recent Leeds Beckett graduate Sophie Kennedy who lives opposite the shop said:

“We could see nine fire engines altogether… You could feel the heat was crazy! The smoke was burning our eyes and the embers were floating around landing on our windowsill. Everything in our flat smells of smoke now too.

“The police have taped off the whole area. Our flat being inside of the police tape and surrounded by fire engines, we currently aren’t allowed to leave the flat.”

After what appeared to be the owner of the amusement arcade next door arrived to let the firemen in, they also broke through the front door of the beauty salon in between the furniture shop in question and the salon.

Reports suggest the fire is out and the building is being checked to see if it’s safe to re-enter.

More to follow.