Gryphon forced to edit copies with marker pen after publishing Amber driver’s license plate

They used a photo of an innocent driver’s car in a story about assault

amber assault blunder edit gryphon mistake news paper taxi

The Gryphon have been forced to edit copies of their latest issue by hand after publishing a story about an assault with a photo of an unrelated Amber driver’s car.

The article in which the picture was used reported the alleged attack of a Leeds student by an Amber Cars driver after he insisted her card payment failed. 

However the front page story includes a photo which they took from the site, meaning it was printed with the taxi number plate and license number of an innocent driver clearly visible.


The incident appears to have led to the Gryphon having to draw a line with marker pen over the number plate on a number of copies of the paper.

All issues we could find in the Union had been edited, although the number plate was still visible in copies in the EC Stoner building.

They also had to edit over their online edition with what looks like some nifty use of Microsoft Paint.


When asked about the incident, the Gryphon failed to comment.