Amber Cars driver suspended after alleged assault in city centre

A passerby was forced to intervene

An Amber Cars driver has been suspended after an alleged attack on a Leeds local on Saturday night.

The altercation between the driver and Suzanne Rose, happened on Boar Lane in the city centre, at approximately 7:30pm in clear view of CCTV and a busy nightlife scene.

Suzanne, assaulted on Saturday night

Suzanne described the journey in a Facebook status which has been now been shared over 10,00 times.

She said: “The driver took me the long way round anyway to get to boar lane, and he was cursing all the way there at traffic in his own language.

However, as Suzanne left the taxi, after paying via the Amber Cars app, the driver grabbed her and she said: “I felt a tug on my arm he immediately starts shouting at me that I hadn’t paid and I need to pay him cash.

“So I said no I’ve had the email here, and I tried to show him.”

Suzanne claims that the driver then grabbed her bag in full-view of passersby. “I kept hold of my bag and was asking him to give me it back, he said no you’re going nowhere until you’ve paid.

“At that point a couple stopped and tried to get him off me.”

“Then another young guy stopped and tried to speak to him in his language but he was getting angry with him too.””He (The taxi driver) kept tugging and trying to get the purse out of my bag. Eventually the guy who spoke his language got the bag off him but the driver continued to shout and point in my face and the guy from the couple had to get in between us a bit.”

This was concluded with the driver leaving in a hurry, leaving Suzanne on the pavement, shaken up by the experience.

The tracking deviates from the actual route taken, potentially leading to an app error.

Amber Cars released a statement regarding the incident on their Facebook page last night, and the complaint has been forwarded to the Local Licensing Authority and the police for further investigation.

Amber Cars response

A Leeds City Council spokesperson said: “We have been made aware of this particular complaint, and are currently undertaking an investigation to assess if any action needs to be undertaken.”