From one guy to another: Stop creeping on girls in clubs

No-one wants you grinding on them

Leeds Uni looks set to introduce consent classes

Only one person voted against them

Leeds city centre

Why Leeds needs consent classes

Almost two thirds of you think they should be compulsory

Over a third of girls at Leeds have been sexually assaulted

73 per cent think ‘lad culture’ is a problem

Police release CCTV footage of suspected Leeds rapist

A spokesman said it was ‘clearly disturbing viewing’

Gryphon forced to edit copies with marker pen after publishing Amber driver’s license plate

They used a photo of an innocent driver’s car in a story about assault

Beeston rapist pleads guilty

Zdenko Turtak denied a charge of attempted murder

West Yorkshire Police release new consent campaign

The poster threatens offenders with ‘the full force of the law’

Man jailed after sex attack outside Halo nightclub

Mark Varley had three previous convictions for indecent assault

Local teenager pleads guilty to attacking female student

He admitted to having fantasies about killing female family members

Arrests made after brutal attack outside Mission

Police appeal for help in finding a second man spotted on CCTV