Why can’t people at house nights keep their tongue in their mouth?

And why are we writing about it

| UPDATED national noad

Something’s happening in the world of house music, and it’s troubling.

It often goes unnoticed – plastered in sepia tones across the Facebook pages of underground promoters and semi-popular DJs.

Since when did house music and sticking one’s tongue out become so inextricably linked?

These slobbering punters are so unable to contain their excitement that they’re in the vicinity of Bonobo or Tensnake that all they can do is stand there like an idiot, tongue lolling like a golden retriever who’s just been promised a treat.

It’s either that, or there’s some link that most of us normal folk haven’t been told about between your level of enjoyment and the distance of your tongue from the back of your throat. It’s like smiling just isn’t edgy enough for some people.

There’s something about the tongue-out face that harks back to childhood, the classic ‘I’m having more fun than you’ tease that stares out of house night pictures on Facebook like a massive two fingers to everyone at home. Really, it needs to stop.

Don’t believe me?