This week’s Big Pet on Campus is named after a French philosopher

He’s probably smarter than you


BPOC is back with a stunning combination of brains and beauty – meet Albert, the Lionhead lothario from Hyde Park…

Name: Albert (named after French philosophical badman Albert Camus).

Age: 6 months.

Breed: Lionhead.

Sex: Male.

Likes: Chewing Carpet and Parkour.

Dislikes: Other men (he wants all the ladies to himself).

Fave music: Big into chilled music, likes Bon Iver.

Relationship status: Swinger. Doesn’t want to be tied down.

Funny quirks: Can speak French & English. Currently mastering Portuguese.

Where he sees himself in five years time: Stewed & lying on a beach, fighting off the girls in multiple languages.